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Help us understand and act on the roots of Happiness, Holistic Education and Smart Innovation. We aim at #TenBillionHappy human beings by 2050.

Multinational and diverse worldwide team
Building the future of human possibility
Discovering what makes us be
Connecting institutions and indivduals
You become part of a secure base
Holding space for human kind


Open Position — Volunteers

We have amazing programs and projects going on. We support the World Happiness Fest and the World Happiness Virtual Agora, the bēCOMMUNITY learning hub and the Transformative Technology Academy. Together we are moving from IQ (intelectual quotient) to EQ (emotional quotient) and LQ (love quotient) and a thriving world with free, conscious and happy human beings .

Gratitude and Compassion as core values
Discovery and Connection are your tools
Consciousness and heartfulness are your drivers
Energy is your blood
Joy is your compass