Uniting the world by happiness. 


Free, conscious and happy human beings.



Happytalism is our NEW PARADIGM. A way to live and be. The way individuals, societies and the environment can thrive. We support research and activist that brings heartful and conscious leadership into action. 

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Maureen Healy

Holistic Education

We support initiatives and people working in the holistic development of educational models, where people are fully developed; in body, heart, mind and soul. A development that is an integral part of ecosystems in which they interact.

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Smart Innovation

We support initiatives and people who are able to innovate and lead with their ideas and actions a decisive impact on maximizing human potential.

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World Happiness Fest

Join the team

Help us understand and act on the roots of Happiness, Holistic Education and Smart Innovation. We aim at #TenBillionHappy human beings by 2050.

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Today’s potential.
Tomorrow’s leaders.

We believe in you. We want you to remember who you are, your potential and your expansive and conscious energy. 


work in progress

Conscious leadership.

We live in a beta world. All is posible when we are. Help us creating free, conscious and happy human beings. Now.